Central Division Power Rankings To Start The NBA Season

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Oct 28, 2015; Auburn Hills, MI, USA; Detroit Pistons center

Andre Drummond

(0) celebrates during the fourth quarter against the Utah Jazz at The Palace of Auburn Hills. Pistons won 92-87. Mandatory Credit: Tim Fuller-USA TODAY Sports

Things aren’t all bad for the Detroit Pistons. After facing years of disappointment, the Pistons finally look to be on the cusp of turning the corner.

First, the Pistons possess one of the best front court players in the NBA in Andre Drummond, a potential star and franchise-changing player.

He’s a phenomenal rebounder on both sides of the court, as well as a solid rim protector. His length and overall defensive instincts make him one of the most formidable low post defenders in the game.

In addition to his defensive impact, Drummond has also made strides in his offensive game, improving his points per game average in every season since coming into the league. Though he lacks any kind of range, Drummond is more than capable of bullying most big men in the low post and has showed flashes of doing so consistently.

In many ways, Drummond is a cross between a young Dwight Howard and a current day DeAndre Jordan. At worst, Drummond ‘s floor appears to be that of Jordan, a phenomenal rebounder and rim protector who scores efficiently off put-backs and pick-and-rolls. At best, the Pistons could be looking at Orlando Dwight Howard, a force on both sides of the floor and true superstar player.

Given that this is Drummond’s fourth season in the league. now is the time for Drummond to take the next step. How much Drummond improves, if at all, will ultimately decide just how good (or bad) this Pistons team will be.

The Pistons, however, have more than just Drummond. Reggie Jackson is coming off a much improved season, one which landed him a max contract. Jackson should be an effective pick-and-roll partner with Drummond, and given Stan Van Gundy’s stellar record with point guards, Jackson may prove that he’s worth a max contract after-all.

Stanley Johnson is also a nice piece, a potential “three-and-D” wing who could blossom into a respectable NBA player.

The Pistons also acquired Ersan Ilyasova via trade, a stretch four who will help provide crucial floor-spacing the team sorely lacked last season.

The Pistons may not be a playoff team yet, but they should be in the mix for the eighth seed in the weak Eastern Conference.

Record: 36-46

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