Game 3: Milwaukee Bucks 87 Toronto Raptors 106 Grades & Reactions

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Jason Kidd, D

  • We’ve seen all sorts of things this young season but among the most interesting are the lineups that Kidd has been experimenting with so far. He’s been using the ineffective Bayless/ Vasquez back court to death in his small ball lineup. At this stage those two have shown nothing while playing alongside each other. Sure the Mayo absence is the root of this, but when you’re not getting anything from player(s) you have to pull the plug.
  • Speaking of lineups the Bayless, Vasquez, Middleton, Copeland, Giannis was really, really bad. Also a product of necessity, but still.
  • He refuses to play Rashad Vaughn. For a team desperate for three-point shooting that’s an odd decision.

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