Game 5: Milwaukee Bucks 91 Philadelphia 76ers 87 Grades & Reactions

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Nov 4, 2015; Milwaukee, WI, USA; Philadelphia 76ers guard T.J. McConnell (12) drives towards the basket as Milwaukee Bucks guard Greivis Vasquez (21) defends during the second quarter at BMO Harris Bradley Center. Mandatory Credit: Jeff Hanisch-USA TODAY Sports

Reactions: The Bad

  • Though we’ve seen progress defensively the offense still showed symptoms of ailments. They often go for long stretches without points. Against Philadelphia the Bucks saw a 35-29 second quarter lead evaporate when they went nearly two and a half minutes without a basket. It happened again in the third quarter this time going from a 56-56 game to a 63-56 Philadelphia advantage in 3:20. And again in the fourth quarter when they went four minutes (!!) without points. The problem is simple: ball movement and good shots. When things click the Bucks are doing those things. When the offense bogs down? Well, you see a lot of iso-jumpers and turnovers.
  • The Bucks interior defense is weak. If not for Miles Plumlee’s blocks the Bucks would have recorded just two team blocks. That’s not necessarily an indictment on Monroe, but rather an appeal to John Henson returning soon and guards doing a better job of denying penetration. If the guards could consistently stay in front of their men Monroe wouldn’t have to provide help. Way too many of the 76ers bunnies were a result of effective dribble penetration.
  • Giannis has shown that his three-point shot is, in fact, improved (42.9% so far). So why not just let it fly more often? It’s not uncommon for an offensive set to end up with the ball being swung into Giannis’ hands at the three point line. He’s normally open. But instead of just taking the open three, a reasonable shot for him this season, he will pump fake and try to take his defender off the dribble. This works about as often as it fails–ending in either a turnover or a layup, but if you’re a capable shooter (which he is) you have to take that open three.

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