Game 5: Milwaukee Bucks 91 Philadelphia 76ers 87 Grades & Reactions

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Jason Kidd, B-

  • As expected he limited Jabari Parker to less than 20 minutes (16). What wasn’t expected was his usage of Parker in the starting lineup (hey, why not) and using Parker early in the second quarter. Parker’s usage is something that bears observation. If Parker is playing well I fully expect Kidd to “cheat” on his allotted Parker minutes.
  • With Parker and Ennis back in action and Henson and Mayo set to return soon we could see Kidd fall into more of a regular rotation. You get the sense that he used Copeland as a desperation move (which payed off), but also kept him in the game about three possessions too many. Once he has his full array of talent available he won’t have to leave players in any longer than their performance allows.

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