BTBP Roundtable: No Regrets for the Milwaukee Bucks

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Nov 11, 2015; Denver, CO, USA; Milwaukee Bucks guard Jerryd Bayless (19) during the game against the Denver Nuggets at Pepsi Center. Mandatory Credit: Chris Humphreys-USA TODAY Sports

5. Who do you think should hold Jabari Parker’s starting spot going forward, Jerryd Bayless or someone else?

AM: Bayless has earned it right now, like there’s no way of arguing otherwise. Hopefully this isn’t going to be an issue and we’ll see Jabari return against Cleveland or in the very near future, but Bayless’ performances have certainly done enough to warrant his coach’s display of faith.

If Jabari is to have persisting issues or be rested on and off as he continues to get back to full health, I wouldn’t mind seeing Greivis Vasquez come into the mix as he has been great in the last few games, while the more traditional JOB isn’t a bad option either.

TW: Greivis Vasquez, just to keep Bayless on the bench for now. Bayless is probably my second choice for Bucks’ MVP–putting him in the starting five strikes a huge blow to a bench that’s already been bad this season.

Plus Vasquez is about three inches taller, meaning he shouldn’t get out-sized at shooting guard like the 6’3″ Bayless will. It may not be the most important thing, but as the usually-long Bucks know height can matter a lot in games.

JT: Definitely Bayless.  Mostly for the reasons I mentioned before, but I just think it works better to plug in a guy who can space the floor and given both Middleton’s and Giannis’ versatility, it theoretically works without given up too much on the defensive end as well.

JH: I like the MCW, Bayless, Middleton, Giannis, Monroe lineup. Having both Middleton and Bayless out there to stretch the defense and create spacing allows MCW, Giannis, and Monroe nice room to work with on offense. On D Bayless has been really scrappy and putting him on the second best offensive guard (while MCW is on the best) allows him to have an impact while not being overmatched.

I think the bench takes a massive hit without Bayless but the bench unit of Ennis, Vasquez, Mayo (who should be returning very soon), JOB, and Henson is strong enough to hold its own, especially now that Vasquez is starting to put it together.

MH: Really, I wish it was O.J. Mayo, but since he has yet to take the court, I would like to see Henson in the front court with Giannis and Moose.  I’m fully aware of the potential defensive problems with either Henson or Monroe chasing a small ball four around the perimeter, but Henson is a legit rim protector.

I would at least like to see Kidd try it, especially against a team with two true bigs in the starting lineup.

DL: In some games, the Bucks are better off starting Jerryd Bayless. In others, they might be better off starting John Henson or Johnny O’Bryant with Greg Monroe.

Bayless has well exceeded any expectations we had for him coming into the season. He’s shot lights out in many games and looks like a legitimate scoring threat when he’s on his game. He does, however, have major limitations passing the ball and on defense.

The line-ups giving the Bucks the most trouble so far are ones where teams are able to play two bigs. The Bucks are dead last in total rebounding and haven’t been able to stop teams from getting to the basket with relative ease.

Some of this could be remedied by starting Johnny O’Bryant or John Henson over Bayless. Henson and Monroe would certainly limit floor-spacing, but it would give the team two above-average offense rebounders in their starting line=up. Henson is also athletic enough to guard power forwards, even ones who can take him out closer to the perimeter and he would provide the team with more rim protection than Monroe.

If floor-spacing is too much of a concern, Johnny O’Bryant could slide into the power forward position as well. He’s been solid on defense and has been arguably better than Henson at defensive rebounding.

No matter who starts, this team needs to get healthy soon.

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