Milwaukee Bucks: 30 Most Significant Moments In Franchise History

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21. Drafting Jabari Parker

Throughout a dismal 15 win season, there was one piece of solace for Milwaukee Bucks fans to help distract them from what was taking place on the court. That was that their timing seemingly couldn’t have been any better, as a couple of potentially gifted prospects were set to enter the league.

Andrew Wiggins or Jabari Parker was the question on the lips of most Bucks fans, and the reality was that either way it felt the team couldn’t lose out. When it was Parker who fell to the second spot on draft night, something about it felt like a perfect match. The humble mid-western kid came to Milwaukee, and as he put it himself:

"There’s no better place to be, I feel welcome. Humble beginnings."

The future was instantly brighter. Giannis Antetokounmpo had already proven himself to be a steal, now he had a partner in crime.

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