Milwaukee Bucks: 30 Most Significant Moments In Franchise History

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13. Sweeping Boston Celtics In 1983

There aren’t many occurrences more rare in NBA history than the Boston Celtics getting swept, but that’s exactly what the Bucks managed to do in 1983. After overcoming Atlanta to get to the Conference Semi-Finals, Boston were confronted with a Milwaukee team who had racked up 51 wins in the regular season.

The Celtics, even with a dominant Larry Bird, were no match for a stacked Bucks team which included Moncrief, Marques Johnson, Paul Pressey, Junior Bridgeman, Bob Lanier and Brian Winters. The Bucks became the first team in history to sweep Boston, a feat that wasn’t repeated for 20 years.

Unfortunately, Julius Erving’s 76ers took care of the Bucks in the Conference Finals, but considering the Celtics would go on to win a Championship 12 months later, this series acts as the perfect measure of just how good those Milwaukee teams were.

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