Milwaukee Bucks: 30 Most Significant Moments In Franchise History

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Jun 25, 2015; Cromwell, CT, USA; NBA player Ray Allen walks the course in the first round at TPC River Highlands. Mandatory Credit: David Butler II-USA TODAY Sports

11. Ray Allen Traded to Seattle

Words by Jordan Treske

It’s arguably the most devastating move/trade in franchise history that the Bucks have done in their 48-year history. Of course, it’s the trade deadline move made a little over twelve years ago that sent Ray Allen to the Seattle Sonics effectively ended the Bucks’ “Big 3” era and put the Bucks in yet another middling period while striving for short-minded as well as short-term success.

The team had a worthy and eventual All-Star player in Michael Redd to fill the void left by Allen, but the move itself closed the chapter on arguably the last prestigious era for the team and was arguably a precursor for many like-minded moves (giving up on franchise worthy/promising players for veterans that didn’t fit) down the road.

What made matters worse was how the team’s soon to be outgoing coach George Karl handled themselves post-trade. After the trade, Karl called Allen “nothing but trouble” and that the team “had no choice but to get rid of him.”

Even though the team’s future looks a little brighter presently, the effects of trading a player like Allen can still be felt today and he still remains a fan favorite.

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