Milwaukee Bucks: 30 Most Significant Moments In Franchise History

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8. 20 Game Win Streak of 1971

It’s not unusual for teams who win titles to go on good runs throughout their season, but the Bucks were the picture of consistency in 1971, as highlighted by one of the greatest winning streaks the NBA has ever seen.

Between February 6 and March 9, the Milwaukee Bucks rattled off 20 straight wins to assert themselves as the dominant team in the association. The streak was made all the more incredible by the fact that the team had already compiled a 16 game run of wins stretching from October 24 to November 25 to build a strong base at the start of the season.

The streak was a confidence builder for the Bucks, but likely also acted as a concern for the rest of the league. How were they ever going to overcome Robertson, Kareem and Dandridge? The answer as the Bucks taught the Baltimore Bullets that April was that they couldn’t.

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