Milwaukee Bucks: 30 Most Significant Moments In Franchise History

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25. Ray Allen Dunks On Tracy McGrady

This was a Bucks team playing with real intent. Milwaukee showed up for the 2001 playoffs with a confidence and a swagger, that was captured perfectly by this, arguably the most memorable of all of Ray Allen’s moments as a Buck.

2-0 up on the Magic and looking to close out the series with a sweep, a big play from the Magic’s star Tracy McGrady had just given Orlando the lead with the clock winding down.

Ray Allen hit back with the perfect counter. Taking the ball up court himself, the shooting guard just took over, driving to the rim to throw down a powerful dunk and send the game to an extra period. It didn’t matter that the Bucks would end up losing the game, Allen had left his mark on McGrady, and the Bucks would win the series in four games.

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