Milwaukee Bucks Grades, Reactions From 102-95 Loss to Detroit Pistons

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Jason Kidd, C

  • Even though Bayless got injured and taken out of this game, he and Mayo played a combined 60 minutes. Jabari Parker, Johnny O’Bryant, John Henson and Rashad Vaughn combined for just 54 minutes. If this new backcourt doesn’t win games, and it doesn’t get young guys minutes to develop in, than what’s the point?
  • To Kidd’s credit, he finally gave Greg Monroe enough minutes in this one, and the Moose responded with a great game. Monroe seeing any less than 30 minutes should only happen in case of injury, or an absolute blowout.
  • Kidd needs to get his guys to stop taking so many three-pointers. Outside of Khris Middleton, the Bucks shot eleven threes and made just one of them. That’s ten wasted possessions on offense, that could’ve gone towards much better looks inside the arc.

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