Milwaukee Bucks: Ranking Top 10 Draft Picks In Franchise History

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#2 – Sidney Moncrief

Sid the Squid would be a legitimate contender for the top spot on this list, if it wasn’t held by arguably the best basketball player of all time. Still, Moncrief deserves to be a very close second, based on his incredible play in the 1980s in Milwaukee.

Michael Jordan gives the best possible endorsement of the Squid, saying that “He’ll hound you everywhere you go, both ends of the court. You just expect it.” Moncrief was a true two-way star, being known for playing both stifling defense and standout offensive basketball.

Moncrief’s list of accomplishments while playing for the Bucks is long: he won the first two Defensive Player of the Year awards ever given out, he was an All-Star for five straight seasons from 82-86, he was selected to the All-NBA First Team in 83 over NBA legends Isiah Thomas and George Gerwin, he was an All-NBA Second Team player four seasons, and an All-Defensive First Team player for four seasons as well.

Moncrief truly did it all in Milwaukee, and during his tenure in Milwaukee from 1980-1989 the Bucks never posted a losing record or missed the playoffs. Sid the Squid was too good to let that happen.

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