Milwaukee Bucks: Ranking Top 10 Draft Picks In Franchise History

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Mandatory Credit: Brad Penner-USA TODAY Sports

#10 – Jabari Parker

Although he may not have done much of great importance in a Bucks uniform just yet, there’s no denying the impact that Jabari Parker (aka Major Cat) has had on the franchise already. He is the embodiment of hope for this team–the only positive (aside from another young player included later on this list) to come out of a franchise-worst 15-win season.

Parker isn’t higher on this list because he has yet to even play half of an NBA season–it’s hard to move him above Bucks legends based on some 40 games. But it seems doubtless that he’ll eventually leap over many of these names in classic Major Cat fashion.

That may be saying quite a bit considering some of the verified NBA legends to find their way on this list, but Parker went second overall for a reason. He’s got the potential to reach a very high peak, and his tireless work ethic should ensure he becomes the best player he possibly can.

Jabari gets this far thanks to the hope and energy he has brought to Milwaukee. That’s something that was missing in casual Bucks fans. Now, even in this current slump, there’s no denying the optimism that Parker brings to Milwaukee. That means he must’ve been a pretty good draft pick.

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