Milwaukee Bucks: Ranking Top 10 Draft Picks In Franchise History

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#5 – Glenn Robinson

Forever immortalized on Jay Z’s Blueprint 2, the Big Dog, Glenn Rob was definitely one of the Bucks best draft picks. Big Dog spent most of his career in Milwaukee, and was there for the best Bucks team since the Don Nelson years.

Big Dog could do it all. He shot at least 30 percent from three-point territory as well as averaged at least 18 points, 5.5 rebounds, two assists and a steal per game in all of his Milwaukee seasons. That versatility helped the Bucks to make it farther in the playoffs then they had in some 15 years.

Milwaukee lost to Philadelphia in the 2001 Eastern Conference Finals, but Big Dog, along with Ray Allen and Sam Cassell, sure made it difficult for Allen Iverson‘s 76ers. Both for his large role on that team and for his eight seasons of very high-level forward play in a Bucks uniform, Robinson deserves this spot on the list.

Robinson averaged 21 points, six rebounds and three assists per game in his Milwaukee years. Big Dog may not be the best first overall pick on this list, but he was far from a disappointment for the Bucks and has earned the right to be called one of the best five draft picks the team has ever made.

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