Milwaukee Bucks Grades, Reactions to 90-88 Win Over Portland Trailblazers

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Mandatory Credit: Jeff Hanisch-USA TODAY Sports

Reactions: The Bad

  • This team sure does enjoy demonstrating its youth. Having received a golden opportunity to dismantle the Blazers in the first half the Bucks instead elected to play complacently, allowing Portland to stay within striking range. Led by Damian Lillard’s ten third quarter points they did just that, turning a 42-33 halftime hole into a 62-60 fourth quarter advantage. You know this story all too well. Luckily the Bucks were able to tell it (again) and still escape with a win.
  • Defense was good for the most part. Except of course this play. As John McGlocklin might say: “He’s a player”. Also, bad MCW. BAD!
  • The Bucks didn’t get much from their bench, banged up as they are. MCW and Henson each scored eight, but O’Bryant and Vaughn were held scoreless. The bench will come to life when Bayless and Vasquez return. But for now the Bucks are a team that only goes seven deep.

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