Milwaukee Bucks Grades, Reaction To 108-95 Win Over (Previously Undefeated) Golden State Warriors

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Reactions: The Bad

  • With the exception of MCW the bench did nothing but spell the starters. Henson was up to his usual tricks–committing five fouls in just twelve minutes. He scored six points, which is nice, but took eight shots to get there. Johnny O’Bryant was frustratingly bad (think last season) for most of the game before a baseline jumper in the fourth quarter semi-redeemed him. And Rashad Vaughn was essentially invisible in nine minutes. Altogether the 7th through 9th men scored just eight points. Thank goodness good MCW came to play.
  • Despite their ability to stabilize, the Bucks still gave up too many big runs. Like the 15-0 run that spanned from the end of the first quarter into the second. If they can find a way to score just a basket or two during one of those onslaughts then games wouldn’t get so out of hand as quickly as they do. The problem during these stretches is shot selection, fouls, and turnovers. For instance, during the Warriors 15-0 run the Bucks turned it over three times, committed seven fouls, and missed four mid-range jumpers. Stick with what works, guys. And please start securing the ball better when a rough patches come around.

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