Milwaukee Bucks: 20 Greatest Individual Performances In Franchise History

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2. Brandon Jennings – vs. Golden State Warriors, November 14, 2009

Brandon Jennings’ 55 point game is a performance that’s still often discussed up to this very day, but many of the key details and the background to it simply doesn’t get mentioned enough.

In the first quarter against the Golden State Warriors, rookie point guard Brandon Jennings was held scoreless. For the next three quarters, Jennings simply couldn’t be stopped though. Jennings had had experience playing in Europe of course, but effectively, he was only a couple of weeks into his NBA career.

Jennings went 21-34 from the field and was red-hot from behind the three-point line, making 7-8 attempts. It wasn’t all scoring either, Jennings also threw five assists and five rebounds into the mix for good measure.

Looking back on this game now understandably brings conflicted feelings for a rookie guard who shows himself to be capable of performances of this magnitude, and unfortunately it would never materialize in that way for Jennings and Milwaukee again.

Still, that 55 point night will always be a great memory for all parties involved to look back on.

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