Milwaukee Bucks: 20 Greatest Individual Performances In Franchise History

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1. Michael Redd – vs. Utah Jazz, November 11, 2006

Any time somebody forgets or questions Michael Redd’s scoring ability, this is the game to point them towards. Redd absolutely blitzed an outstanding Jazz team with a performance that still stands as the franchise single game scoring record, and likely will for years to come.

Redd entered the half with 15 points, a strong showing, but certainly not out of the ordinary for Redd throughout his career. Once the second half began there was simply no stopping him though, as between the third and fourth quarter Redd notched up 42 points, for an impressive total of 57.

Redd went 18-32 from the field and 6-12 from deep, but equally important should be the competition he did it against. Redd spent the majority of his night matched up with Andrei Kirilenko and a young Paul Millsap, neither of whom ever had a reputation for being matador defenders.

Redd had to work for his points, but when he got in a rhythm like that, he was basically impossible to stop.

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It almost seems like a waste that the Bucks ended up losing the game by two points, yet the Jazz were so superior to Milwaukee at that time that it’s a testament to Redd that he helped them to make a game of it.