Milwaukee Bucks: 20 Greatest Individual Performances In Franchise History

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17. Jared Dudley – @ Atlanta Hawks, December 26, 2014

The perfect night is a rare feat in the NBA, even for a great shooter like Jared Dudley, the best of nights will almost always include a few misses. Dudley is the ideal NBA role player, if not a star, but that doesn’t mean that he was unable to grab the limelight from time to time while playing for the Bucks.

Dudley had many important contributions on the court last season, on top of his veteran influence off of it, but picking out the best of the bunch was not a difficult feat.

As the Atlanta Hawks were possibly still trying to digest their Christmas dinners, Jared Dudley showed no sympathy. Every time the ball landed in his hands it was as if he had been given a holiday gift, as the veteran found himself in the zone, likely having the best shooting night of his entire basketball life.

The Hawks had been rolling to start the season, and entered this particular game with Milwaukee with a record of 21-7. Dudley’s 24 minute cameo off the bench would ensure that they weren’t going to have a successful night against the Bucks.

In his time on the floor, Dudley went 10-10 from the field, including 4-4 from three-point range, racking up 24 points, four rebounds, four steals and two assists. Milwaukee blew Atlanta out by 30 points in their own building, which was no mean feat considering the Bucks would follow the display up with a run of 19 straight wins.

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