Milwaukee Bucks: 20 Greatest Individual Performances In Franchise History

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15. Sam Cassell, vs. Chicago Bulls, March 3, 2001

Point guard play has been essential to many of Milwaukee’s greatest teams, and Sam Cassell provided the Bucks with many fine performances dependant on his play during his time with the franchise. In spite of that, Cassell was never really a show-stopping point guard likely to take over a game.

Cassell excelled in making life easier for all of those around him, but that didn’t mean he was unable to step up and be an offensive spearhead from time to time.

Although, they were far from the strongest team that the Chicago Bulls put on an NBA floor, this game, like every other against their greatest rival, represented a game that the Milwaukee Bucks were particularly hungry to win.

The game was an exceptionally close encounter that would end up being decided in double overtime, but the fact that the Bucks would come out victorious can only be accredited to a colossal night from Milwaukee’s “big three”. Ray Allen was good, Glenn Robinson was better, but it was Cassell’s career night that sealed the win.

Cassell finished the game with 40 points and 10 assists off the back of an exceptional 18-24 shooting effort, driving his team to victory.

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