BTBP Roundtable: Trades On The Horizon?

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After another eventful week for the Milwaukee Bucks, the Behind The Buck Pass weekly roundtable returns.

Over the past seven days the Milwaukee Bucks have rarely been out of the news.They’ve had landmark wins, disappointing losses, trade rumors, more lineup changes and some “extra-curricular activity”. That leaves us with plenty to discuss.

Is it time for big changes? Will the rotation continue to constantly shift? Are the problems deeper than they appear?

With such questions to be answered, we’re back with our weekly roundtable, as we put our heads together to try and see where Milwaukee stands. In for the discussion this time Editor-in-Chief Adam McGee (that’s me), is joined by Managing Editor Ti Windisch, and staff writers Jordan Treske and Riley Feldmann.

Let’s get started, with one of the bigger questions!

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