Milwaukee Bucks: 30 Greatest Scorers In Franchise History

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18. Brian Winters

Winters is a franchise legend who doesn’t always necessarily get the credit he deserves. Sure, Winters is lucky enough to have his jersey retired by the Bucks, but his game doesn’t necessarily get highlighted in the franchise’s history as often as it should be.

Much like Junior Bridgeman, a lot of Winters’ best work came with the New York native coming in off the bench. Winters was generally able to heat up at a second’s notice, with his silky smooth shooting touch the driving factor behind his offensive output.

Winters was deadly as a spot up shooter with a soft release and the ability to seemingly hang in the air to find his perfect release point, but Winters would also do damage by driving in the lane as a beautiful floater would allow him to score over much bigger men.

Winters was a Buck for all but the rookie year of his career, and he averaged 16.2 points per game and 19 points per 36 minutes while representing Milwaukee.

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