Milwaukee Bucks: 30 Greatest Scorers In Franchise History

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7. Terry Cummings

Cummings was an ever present for the Bucks from the moment he arrived with the team in the mid 80s. A versatile player who could utilize a well-rounded skill set across the floor, Cummings’ scoring rarely left Milwaukee wanting.

He was a major factor in why the team was able to remain a true contender for so long. Cummings arrived from the Clippers in the deal that sent Marques Johnson and Junior Bridgeman to LA, while also welcoming Craig Hodges and Ricky Pierce into the fold in Milwaukee.

Cummings stepped in as a player who was immediately ready to be a primary option, and the Bucks were unafraid to play through him inside. The Chicago native is underrated to this day for much of the good work he did with the Bucks, but two All-Star appearances at least offered him some recognition at the time.

Cummings would leave Milwaukee after five seasons, but would come back to Milwaukee for one more season as a role player as his career wound down. As a Buck, Cummings averaged 19.4 points per game and 21.7 points per 36 minutes.

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