Milwaukee Bucks: 30 Greatest Scorers In Franchise History

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6. Michael Redd

Michael Redd holds a distinction that every man on this list would have been proud to have to their name. That is, of course, that Redd’s 57 point game against the Utah Jazz still stands as the high mark for single game scoring in franchise history.

That was far more than a once off though. Redd filled the role of an elite scorer consistently through his 11 seasons in Milwaukee, with the only thing that ever seemed to get in his way and disrupt his rhythm being an unfortunate spell of injuries.

At his prime, Redd put together back-to-back seasons of scoring 25 points or more, and with hindsight it’s criminal to look back on his career as one that garnered only a single All-Star appearance. Regardless, Redd was a complete scorer, and that was far more valuable to Milwaukee than any awards or accolades.

During a long and impressively consistent career with the Bucks, Redd averaged 20 points per game, and 21.4 points per 36 minutes.

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