Milwaukee Bucks: 30 Greatest Scorers In Franchise History

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3. Flynn Robinson

Maybe it’s because Flynn Robinson only played two seasons with the Milwaukee Bucks, or maybe it’s because he played for the team in a time when the roster contained so many great players, but Flynn’s name isn’t one that you hear too often when it comes to all-time discussions.

Robinson is important for reasons other than being the primary piece of the trade that brought Oscar Robertson to Milwaukee. The guard played a key role in helping the Bucks adjust to life in the NBA, and getting them to a point where they were genuinely one piece away from winning it all.

Robinson was the man to lead the team in scoring the season before the arrival of Kareem, while even after the Bucks had selected their greatest ever player, Robinson was still playing like the perfect sidekick contributing his own chunk of scoring as well as dishing regular assists.

After leaving the Bucks, Robinson would go on to win a title as a role player with the Los Angeles Lakers who set the record for consecutive wins at 33. For his time in Milwaukee, Robinson averaged 21.1 points and 23 per 36 minutes.

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