Milwaukee Bucks: 30 Greatest Scorers In Franchise History

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2. Glenn Robinson

The first of two first overall picks to headline this list, Glenn “Big Dog” Robinson slots in at the second spot in the pantheon of greatest Bucks scorers. By the time he entered the league, Robinson’s reputation as a scorer had already been sealed from his days at Purdue, yet Big Dog wasn’t about to disappoint anybody with his pro returns.

Robinson’s scoring is impressive not just for his volume, but for his consistency over a long period of time. Robinson spent eight years in Milwaukee where he was a driving force in overseeing the franchise’s return to relevance, and he put up outstanding numbers throughout that entire time.

Robinson has over 12,000 points to his name from his days in Milwaukee, and only dropped below 20 points per game on a season once throughout his time as a Buck. How did he do it? By doing a little bit of everything. Inside and out, Robinson was one of the league’s most dominant forwards.

Injuries eventually cut his career shorter than it probably deserved to be and Robinson finished playing at the age of 32. Still, he’ll always be looked back on as an icon in Milwaukee, and his 21.1 points per game play a significant role in that.

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