Milwaukee Bucks: 30 Greatest Scorers In Franchise History

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24. Frank Brickowski

Brickowski arrived in the NBA after already having already tested himself out in Europe beforehand (not unlike another notable Bucks scorer), and perhaps that played a part in how he managed to contribute successfully to multiple teams throughout the duration of his career.

Having passed 30 by the time he landed in Milwaukee, many would have expected Brickowski to be well and truly into a downward career spiral during his time with the Bucks. The New York native had different ideas though, offering a versatile threat for the Bucks on the offensive end.

Brickowski spent three and a half seasons with the Bucks, and even though he was primarily a center, he’s credited by Basketball Reference as having played three different positions for the team in that timeframe.

Brickowsi’s last full season with Milwaukee in 1992-93, saw him average a career high 16.9 points as one of the league’s most dynamic scoring big men for that season. Overall, Brick scored 13.9 per game, and 17.8 per 36 during his time in Milwaukee.

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