Milwaukee Bucks Grades, Reactions From 113-100 Victory Over The Philadelphia 76ers

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The Milwaukee Bucks got Joe Prunty off to a perfect start as interim head coach, with a dominant victory over the hapless Philadelphia 76ers.

There are times in the season where it’s important to seize the opportunities in front of you and kick on, and thankfully for the Milwaukee Bucks, that’s exactly what they did on Wednesday night.

The Philadelphia 76ers rolled into town with a 1-29 record, and were given short shrift before being sent packing as a 1-30 team.

The game was notable as the first that the team has played since Jason Kidd underwent hip surgery, meaning it was the perfect soft start to allow Joe Prunty to feel his way into the head coach role that he may well end up filling for the best part of two months.

On the court, there was close to no stopping the Bucks, as their deadeye shooting combined with Philadelphia’s frequent turnovers meant the game was a much more lopsided affair than the final score actually indicated.

Having put in a strong performance against Golden State, and then grinding out a win in Phoenix, the Bucks finally seem to have some momentum at their backs. It’d be the first time in quite a while that that’s been the case, so let’s hope it’s enough to carry the team to a few more victories.

Considering, it was a game against the Sixers, it remains as important as ever for the Bucks to temper expectations, but still we can’t ignore the fact that the team put on a display of great basketball on this occasion.

Let’s take a closer look at the contest in our Milwaukee Bucks grades and reactions.

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