The 50 Greatest Players in Milwaukee Bucks History

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The top tier of Milwaukee talent: this list contains the 50 best players to ever suit up for the Milwaukee Bucks.

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It might take a few minutes to name the top 10 Milwaukee Bucks of all time. Many fans could probably produce a very good list in almost no time at all. Maybe they could even rattle off the greatest 25 Bucks ever with only missing a few names.

But what about the top 50? Naming 50 players from any one team’s history is no mean feat, but ranking the 50 greatest players to ever suit up for the Bucks is impossible from memory. So we here at Behind the Buck Pass created our own top 50 list.

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There are a few important rules about the list that need to be made clear straight away. First off, only what the player did in their time in Milwaukee counts towards their ranking. Although Oscar Robertson would likely be a top two Buck of all time if you looked at his entire career, The Big O spent just four of his 14 NBA seasons in Milwaukee.

Second, longevity and overall talent were weighted as equally as possible. There’s no mathematical formula for this, but having one or two great seasons was given around the same weight as five or six good ones, and so on.

Players who rank highly on Milwaukee’s history books were given boosts too. Being an integral part of the 1971 championship team or being top five in a statistic in Bucks history was worth bonus imaginary points.

Of course, there’s a lot of debate and arguing that could be done over any sort of list like this, especially over the last few spots. When push came to shove on the last couple, memorable moments or performances usually helped decide who made the list and who didn’t.

There are probably dozens of honorable mentions who have a case for the 50th spot, so instead of listing a couple we’ll call any other Bucks the honorary 51st greatest.

It may not take many guesses to deduce who got the top spot, but the other 49 were definitely up for grabs. Come find out who managed to just barely sneak onto this list, and hold the title of the 50th greatest Milwaukee Buck!

The statistics listed in the player info sections are all courtesy of The averages are per game averages, and are, in order: points/rebounds/assists/steals/blocks. The shooting percentages listed are, in order: field goal percentage/three-point percentage/free throw percentage. All statistics are strictly from a player’s time with the Bucks.

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