The 50 Greatest Players in Milwaukee Bucks History

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42. Frank Brickowski – The Brick

The Stats: Four seasons played in Milwaukee. 13.9/5.8/2.5/1.1/0.5 on 52.3/26.9/76.6.

The Accolades: Has the 9th best field goal percentage among Bucks that played in at least 50 games.

The Breakdown: Frank Brickowski is more known for his stints with the Spurs and Supersonics than he is for his time in Milwaukee, but he still did some good things in his time with the Bucks. He somehow had a different position listed for each of his three full seasons in Milwaukee–playing power forward in 1991, small forward in 1992 and center in 1993. That’s some impressive versatility!

Brickowski was a full-time starter for his entire time with the Bucks, and really suffers from his era. Outside of his first season he never went to the postseason with the Bucks. If he had, there’s a very good chance Brickowski would be remembered more fondly.

The Brick belongs on this list thanks to his consistent, steady play. He never made an All-Star team or led the NBA in anything, but neither do most guys in the NBA. Those accolades are certainly nice, but they’re not necessary for a player like Frank Brickowski to have a strong if unspectacular legacy in Milwaukee.

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