The 50 Greatest Players in Milwaukee Bucks History

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37. Richard Jefferson – Milwaukee’s One-Hit Wonder

The Stats: One season played in Milwaukee. 19.6/4.6/2.4/0.8/0.2 on 43.9/39.7/80.5.

The Accolades: Has the sixth most points per game among all Bucks, lead the Bucks in win shares in 2009.

The Breakdown: Richard Jefferson spent just one season in Milwaukee. 2009 wasn’t especially memorable for Bucks fans, but it was the best season the franchise had experienced since 2006, largely thanks to Jefferson’s excellent play. Jefferson’s addition wasn’t enough to get Milwaukee to the postseason, but he still flourished on the Bucks.

Jefferson led that team in win shares, which is impressive considering a few names that will appear higher on this list shared the starting lineup with him. Should Jefferson have stuck around for a few more seasons, he’d probably find himself right there with those teammates.

But he only stayed for one year, so as impressive as it was it seemed wrong to place a one-hit wonder with no playoff time on the Bucks much higher than here. Jefferson is in good company–he’s one of just 10 Bucks to average 19 points or more in their time with the team, and all ten of those names are on this list.

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