The 50 Greatest Players in Milwaukee Bucks History

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35. Terrell Brandon – The Deer Dimer

The Stats: Two seasons played in Milwaukee. 16.1/3.5/7.6/2.1/0.3 on 45.2/31.4/84.5.

The Accolades: Leads all Bucks in assists per game, recorded 14 or more assists four times in just 65 games with the Bucks.

The Breakdown: Terrell Brandon has sadly been largely forgotten thanks to all of the great point guards that came after him. In the mid 1990s he was one of the best floor generals in the NBA, if not the best. Like Moses Malone, Brandon only made it to the Bucks on the tail end of his career but still left a mark on Milwaukee.

Although the sample size is unfortunately small, the fact that Brandon averaged more assists per game than Gary Payton or Oscar Robertson speaks to how phenomenal of a point guard he was. Brandon was a skilled scorer and defender as well, as showcased by his skillful steal on John Stockton in the above video.

Unfortunately, Brandon would be traded halfway through George Karl’s first year as head coach of the Bucks, and thus miss out on making it to the playoffs with Milwaukee. If injuries hadn’t derailed his career in the early 2000s, Brandon would probably make it on lists like these far more often.

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