The 50 Greatest Players in Milwaukee Bucks History

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31. Alton Lister – A Respected, Reliable Center

The Stats: Seven seasons played in Milwaukee. 7.3/6.5/1.2/0.5/1.7 on 52.7/00.0/57.5.

The Accolades: First all-time in blocks recorded and 10th all-time in total rebounds recorded in franchise history, drafted 21st overall by the Bucks in 1981, (somehow) got MVP votes in 1983.

The Breakdown: Alton Lister was a solid player. He spent at least portions of seven seasons in Milwaukee, and although his per game numbers were never remarkable his consistency was enough to propel him up the Bucks leaderboards, where Lister still holds the top spot in blocks and a top ten spot in rebounds.

In his first stint with the Bucks from 1982-86, Lister missed a grand total of six games. Now that’s reliable. Despite playing just 23.6 minutes per game in 1983, Lister actually received a couple of votes for NBA MVP! Consistency must have been really important to voters back in the day.

His last two years spent with the Bucks were not as memorable as his time on those great 1980s teams was, but Lister was still a solid enough player near the end of his career. He may not have been the flashiest, but his consistent level of play in a Bucks jersey has kept Lister involved on the top of the Bucks leaderboards for the last 30 years.

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