The 50 Greatest Players in Milwaukee Bucks History

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26. Khris Middleton – Khash

The Stats: Three seasons played in Milwaukee. 13.1/4.0/2.4/1.3/0.2 on 44.6/41.5/86.6

The Accolades: Was a top 10 player in 2015 according to Real Plus-Minus, fifth all-time among Bucks in three-point percentage. Has the ninth-most made three-pointers in franchise history despite being 12th in attempted threes. Led the 2015 Bucks in win shares. 

The Breakdown: Khris Middleton gets a slight edge over Giannis thanks to spending his rookie season in Detroit, and thus not having those stats count in his Milwaukee totals. That makes his three Bucks seasons look better statistically, plus ranking that high in real plus-minus was a pretty huge accomplishment.

Middleton has already proved himself as one of the best shooters in Bucks history, and if he stays with Milwaukee for long enough could make a serious run at the top of Milwaukee’s three-point leaderboards. At his current pace, Middleton could have the most three-pointers made in franchise history in roughly seven years.

Even if he never reaches those heights, Middleton is already a significant player in franchise history. He was a crucial part of Milwaukee’s playoff run in 2015, and should end up factoring in a few more of those over the course of his five-year deal with the Bucks.

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