The 50 Greatest Players in Milwaukee Bucks History

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24. Flynn Robinson – Electric Eye

The Stats: Two seasons played in Milwaukee. 21.1/3.4/5.3/0.0/0.0 on 45.8/00.0/87.3

The Accolades: Third all-time among Bucks in points per game. Selected to the 1970 All-Star game. Led the NBA in free throw percentage in 1970.

The Breakdown: Flynn Robinson could’ve gotten a much larger legacy in Milwaukee had he not been traded in 1970, but it would have cost the Bucks. Robinson was they key asset on Milwaukee’s side of the trade that brought Oscar Robertson to the Bucks, and thus delivered Milwaukee’s first title.

Robinson was a great player in his own right, but clearly the Bucks got the better end of the deal. Robinson never matched his great 1970 season in the rest of his NBA (and ABA) career, and really never even got a chance to. No team gave Robinson 20 minutes a game or more after he left the Bucks, who gave him 33 minutes per contest in his Milwaukee days.

Still though, Robinson did have a hell of a season in 1970. Who knows how many steals he might’ve piled up too–those numbers along with blocks weren’t tracked until the 1974 season. Even without them though, Robinson was good enough to lure the Cincinnati Royals to give up an all-time legend for him.

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