The 50 Greatest Players in Milwaukee Bucks History

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49. Craig Hodges – Milwaukee’s Sharpshooter

The Stats: Four seasons played in Milwaukee. 10.5/1.8/3.4/1.0/0.0 on 47.8/40.4/85.6.

The Accolades: Lead the NBA in three-point percentage two different seasons spent in Milwaukee (1986 and 1988). Was a significant part of two of the best three Don Nelson teams (1985 and 1986). 

The Breakdown: Craig Hodges may not have been an All-Star in his time with the Milwaukee Bucks, but he sure was efficient. Hodges is the eighth best three-point shooter in Bucks history percentage-wise, although interestingly enough he did not have much touch in his two seasons before coming to the Bucks.

Hodges may not be known as a Buck, but maybe he should be. Despite playing 12 NBA seasons and only spending three and a half of them here, Hodges played nearly half of his NBA minutes in Milwaukee, the only team to start him for 50 games in a season.

Hodges is more known for his time with the rival Chicago Bulls however, where he won two NBA Championships and three Three-Point Contests. Still though, Hodges certainly did not disappoint the Bucks in his time with the team, or even in his departure seeing as he was flipped for a player yet to come on this list.

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