The 50 Greatest Players in Milwaukee Bucks History

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22. Brandon Knight – The Good Knight

The Stats: Two seasons played in Milwaukee. 17.9/3.8/5.1/1.2/0.2 on 42.7/36.1/83.2

The Accolades: Top 15 all-time among Bucks in points per game, top 20 in assists per game.

The Breakdown: Brandon Knight is a complicated and somewhat controversial figure in current Bucks history thanks to the trade that sent him from Milwaukee, but in a historical sense he’s just another in a long ling of talented Bucks point guards.

Knight had a tremendous season and a half long stint in Milwaukee, and just missed out on being an All-Star in 2015. He led the Bucks to a 30-23 record by the break, and then due to a combination of factors, one of which certainly was his absence, the Bucks went 11-18 to finish the season at exactly .500. Clearly, Milwaukee lost steam in the latter part of the season.

However that trade ends up working out for Milwaukee, it’s impossible to ignore Knight’s impact on the franchise in the time he was with the Bucks. Although he never made an All-Star team or led Milwaukee in win shares, Brandon Knight was very influential on the Bucks in his time with the team.

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