The 50 Greatest Players in Milwaukee Bucks History

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21. Brandon Jennings – The Pterodactyl

The Stats: Four seasons played in Milwaukee. 17.0/3.4/5.7/1.5/0.2 on 39.4/35.4/81.3

The Accolades: Drafted 10th overall by the Bucks in 2009. Coined Win in 6, which will never die as long as the internet remains. Top 15 in franchise history in assists and steals recorded, top 20 in points scored. 

The Breakdown: Brandon Jennings unfortunately did not actually beat the Miami Heat in six games in 2013, but he sure did try. That might be the best description possible of Jennings–he always tried, but the results weren’t always great.

Jennings did score 55 points in a game in his rookie season and clearly could score the ball when necessary based on his high points per game total. But as evidenced by his field goal percentage being under 40, Jennings wasn’t really the most efficient scorer out there.

The Bucks made the playoffs twice in Jennings’ tenure, but exited in the first round both times. Jennings was pretty great in the first round in 2010, his rookie season, when Milwaukee took on the Hawks. The Bucks managed to push that series to seven games in part thanks to Jennings scoring nearly 19 points per game, but came up short. He sure did try, though.

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