The 50 Greatest Players in Milwaukee Bucks History

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13. Michael Redd – Redd Hot

The Stats: 11 seasons played in Milwaukee. 20.0/4.0/2.3/1.0/0.1 on 44.9/38.3/84.0.

The Accolades: Drafted 43rd overall in 2000 by the Bucks. Holds the highest single game scoring performance in Bucks history. Made the 2004 All-Star team. Fourth all-time in points scored, 15th in rebounds, 20th in assists and 12th in steals in Milwaukee’s history. Led the Bucks in win shares in 2004, 2005, 2006, 2007 and 2008. 

The Breakdown: Michael Redd may have never won much as a starter in Milwaukee, but he sure gave the franchise a lot outside of wins and losses. A dominant scorer who also managed to grind his way up near the top in three other stat categories thanks to the 11 years he spent in Milwaukee, Redd made sure to put on a show for Bucks fans for a solid decade.

From 2003 until 2009 Redd scored at least 15 points per game, despite not becoming a full-time starter until 2004. Redd had a bit of beginner’s luck in his first season starting, as he managed to make the 2004 All-Star team. That would be his only appearance, although his 2006 campaign was really his finest in the NBA.

Redd played just one season outside of Milwaukee, his final year with Phoenix. He’ll always be remembered as a Buck, and indeed got a standing ovation in his last game in Milwaukee with the Suns. He may not have much postseason success to hang his hat on, but Redd has everything else–statistics, longevity and renown.

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