The 50 Greatest Players in Milwaukee Bucks History

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48. Drew Gooden – At Least He Tried

The Stats: Three seasons played in Milwaukee. 11.3/5.8/1.8/0.7/0.5 on 42.9/25.0/82.2.

The Accolades: Recorded two triple-doubles in Milwaukee. 

The Breakdown: Drew Gooden is not exactly a beloved Buck, but that doesn’t mean he wasn’t quietly productive in his time in Milwaukee. His five-year, $32 million contract was a clear overpay but in his first two seasons with the Bucks, Gooden was…well..good.

He missed a lot of games over those two seasons, but still averaged nearly 12 points, six and a half rebounds and just over two assists per game in 2011 and 2012. His last Milwaukee season consisted mainly of Gooden sitting on the bench, thanks to young big men John Henson and Larry Sanders dominating the minutes at those positions.

Still, Gooden sat on the bench and cheered on his teammates, instead of having a more sour attitude about the whole thing. He ended up being the player the Bucks chose to amnesty in 2013, meaning the rest of his contract wouldn’t count against Milwaukee’s salary cap.

In retrospect, Gooden wasn’t really bad in Milwaukee. The fit wasn’t good, and the price was too high, but those circumstances were fairly out of Drew Gooden’s control–he wasn’t about to turn down a guaranteed $32 million. Who would?

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