The 50 Greatest Players in Milwaukee Bucks History

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12. Paul Pressey – The First Point Forward

The Stats: Eight seasons played in Milwaukee. 11.9/4.3/5.6/1.5/0.6 on 49.0/21.9/74.5.

The Accolades: Drafted 20th overall by the Bucks in 1982. 13th in points scored, 14th in rebounds, second in steals and first among all Bucks in assists. 

The Breakdown: Paul Pressey may not have coined the term point forward, but he certainly was one. Slightly ironically considering the wealth of great point guards in Milwaukee’s history, Pressey is the Bucks all-time leader in assists. He never had a Milwaukee season with less than 200 of them.

Of course he was more than just a passer, ranking in the top 15 all-time in points and rebounds and second to only Quinn Buckner in total steals for the Bucks. Pressey was all over the court in his near-decade spent in Milwaukee, and the results speak to his effectiveness.

Pressey’s Milwaukee tenure coincides with the exact middle of the team’s 12 consecutive playoff appearances, meaning that each season Pressey was on the Bucks they made the playoffs. Pressey was consistently good for Milwaukee both in the regular season and the playoffs for a very long time, earning him his spot in franchise history.

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