The 50 Greatest Players in Milwaukee Bucks History

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11. Junior Bridgeman – The Businessman

The Stats: Ten seasons played in Milwaukee. 13.9/3.7/2.5/0.9/0.3 on 47.5/18.7/84.0.

The Accolades: Most games played as a Buck. Seventh all-time in points scored, 13th all-time in rebounds and assists, 10th in steals. His number 2 is retired by the Milwaukee Bucks. 

The Breakdown: Bridgeman, the third player to come over from Los Angeles in the Kareem trade, had the best career of the bunch for the Bucks. Bridgeman was reliable, and leads all Bucks in games played. Bridgeman was a bench player for the entirety of his career, but he was a good one.

Bridgeman would probably have a few Sixth man of the Year awards to his name, had the award not been introduced as Bridgeman’s prime was coming to a close in 1983. Not that the lack of some award indicates anything about a player, but it would have been nice for Bridgeman to get some more recognition for his ultra-dependable play.

Despite getting just 26.8 minutes per game, averaged over 15 points from 1977 to 1984–his sophomore season through his last season before he left for the Clippers for a few years. Bridgeman then came back for a final season, which just feels right.

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