The 50 Greatest Players in Milwaukee Bucks History

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3. Glenn Robinson – Big Dog

The Stats: Eight seasons played in Milwaukee. 21.1/6.2/2.8/1.2/0.6 on 46.3/34.0/81.2.

The Accolades: Drafted first overall by the Bucks in 1994. All-Star in 2000 and 2001. Made the All-Rookie First Team in 1995. Second among all Bucks in points, sixth in rebounds, 16th in assists, seventh in steals, 12th in blocks. Second among all Bucks in points per game. 

The Breakdown: Although Glenn Robinson never won a title, he was certainly one of the few players throughout NBA history to live up to the hype of being a first overall pick. Robinson did come very close to the NBA Finals as part of the Bucks famous Big 3 in 2001, but unfortunately fell just short.

In his eight-year career, Robinson piled up more points than every Buck who isn’t the NBA’s all-time leading scorer, which is impressive. Big Dog was the second-best scorer in Bucks history both by total volume and points per game–when Kareem came before, it’s essentially impossible to do any better than second place.

Robinson had an illustrious career that did result with him getting a ring later in life, but his time with Milwaukee was fulfilling enough even without one. The Big Dog will forever rest as one of the best scorers in Milwaukee Bucks history.

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