The 50 Greatest Players in Milwaukee Bucks History

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46. Dale Ellis – The Steady Marksman

The Stats: Three seasons played in Milwaukee. 15.0/3.1/1.2/0.7/0.2 on 47.3/43.1/75.2.

The Accolades: Holds the 5th best three-point percentage among all Bucks to have at least 100 three-point attempts. 

The Breakdown: Much like Kent Benson, Dale Ellis didn’t really have many accolades in his time with the Milwaukee Bucks. Part of that is due to Ellis not spending much time on the Bucks–two of his three seasons he was traded, and he only participated in eight games as a Buck in 2000.

Still though, Dale Ellis was a productive member of the Bucks in the early 1990s. He was a sharpshooter who was ahead of his time–after he left the Bucks in 1992, he was the top three-point shooter in Milwaukee’s history, percentage-wise.

Ellis is also one of the top 20 Bucks in points per game that played at least 100 games with the franchise. He doesn’t lead any categories for Milwaukee, but his efficient 15 points per game was certainly appreciated by his teammates and coaches during his stay(s) on the Bucks.

Ellis may not be a very memorable Buck, but he was a part of the Milwaukee Bucks’ second-best season under head coach Del Harris in 1991. Even though he isn’t a large part of Bucks history, Ellis certainly deserves a little slice of it.

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