The Milwaukee Bucks Varied Paths To The First Overall Pick In The 2016 NBA Draft

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The Miracle Scenario – Brooklyn Wins Out, Milwaukee Loses Out

This won’t happen. But as of my time of writing it’s technically possible, which is the best kind of possible. The Brooklyn Nets currently sit at 21-52. Remember the Bucks maximum number of losses this season is 52.

If the Nets somehow rally and win their next nine games while the Bucks also rally to lose their next eight games, the teams will have the same record. From there, a coin flip determines who gets that fourth spot in the lottery.

Brooklyn has games left against the Raptors, Cavaliers, Pacers and Hornets. They would need to defeat all four of those teams, who are all desperately trying to move up in the real standings.

That would require Bojan Bogdanovic to go full Super Saiyan every night, which is possible but not likely.

If Milwaukee somehow made a wish on the stars and ended up bumping Brooklyn down to fifth in lotto standings, the Bucks would have a 37.8 percent chance at a top three pick and an 11.9 percent chance at the first overall selection.

A three-in-25 shot at Ben Simmons or Brandon Ingram would be great, but as soon as the Bucks win or Brooklyn loses again this scenario is dead. Expect me to keep an eye on it as the season finally, mercifully draws to a close.

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