The Buck Stops Here Roundtable #5: Delly at the Olympics

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Matthew Dellavedova has played a major role in leading Australia to a second place finish in Group A. What have been your general thoughts and reactions to his play so far in the tournament?

Adam Coffman (@A_Coffee4): Simply put, I love it. Not only has Delly surpassed many expectations as to what he could do on an international stage, he has made himself into a favorite of many fans and analysts across the world due to his effort and intensity. This in turn will aid the perception of the Bucks across the league, and leaves open the possibility that the Bucks could be getting even more than what they bargained for in inking the contract for the Aussie.

Jordan Treske (@JordanTreske): I think it’s hard not to feel excited about Delly’s play, especially if you’re a Bucks fan. He’s shot the ball well, he’s leading all players in Olympic play in assists and he’s been making the right, simple plays for Australia and that’s led to very few turnovers for him. If there’s one area where you could say he needs to improve, it’d be on the defensive end as he’s looked just a bit off when matched up against his assignment. Other than that though, Dellavedova’s been incredibly solid in Australia’s run so far and hopefully it can continue for him and Australia heading into the knockout round.

Adam McGee (@AdamMcGee11): I think what’s been most important about it is that we’ve seen more than just grit. Most Delly detractors (and there are still plenty of them) like to point to him being a hard worker and nothing else, but he has shown some real quality so far.

With the ball in his hands both his vision and execution have been near perfect. He’s shot the ball well too. There will be some who look to dismiss his performances as they’ve come against FIBA competition, but he had a double-double against the US and their team packed of stars. Likewise against the French.

He’s not just gritty, he’s good.

Tim Wray (@TRW24): Matthew Dellavedova wears the green and gold like it’s a Superman cape.

This is probably extremely biased (Delly is Australia’s national cult hero after all), but I think that he has comfortably been one of the top-five players (possibly top-three) through the group stage of the Olympic tournament. His play-making and vision has been first class and the numbers have been incredibly efficient (8.6 AST/TO). Chemistry with Bogut in the pick-and-roll is off the charts and has just about been the most damaging offensive weapon for the Boomers so far. When Delly’s playing on-ball, he’s a very conservative and selective shot taker (5.6 FGA/G), but when the shot goes up, he’s makes it count (64.3 FG% 50% 3PT). To add to that, on the occasion he’s brought the ball inside, his floater has also been really effective.

All in all, If Australia goes on to medal, Delly is going to be a major reason why the Boomers are standing on the podium with the country’s first ever Olympic Men’s Basketball medal around their necks.

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