The Buck Stops Here Roundtable #5: Delly at the Olympics

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Outside of Matthew Dellavedova, which players have impressed you the most during tournament so far? Do any non-NBA International players catch your eye as potential Milwaukee Bucks targets for next season’s 14th or 15th roster spot?

AC: Surprisingly enough, some of the players that have impressed me the most this Olympics were those we have not yet seen on an NBA roster. Serbia’s Milos Teodosic may be the star of the tournament thus far, almost willing his country to victory against the US and delivering one of the best passes I’ve ever seen. His contract with CSKA Moscow extends through next year, so there is a chance we could see the 29 year old on an NBA roster sooner rather than later.

Dario Saric of Croatia, who will be joining the 76ers next year, has looked impressive as well and has the diverse and unique skillset for a power (point) forward that may remind many of his future teammate Ben Simmons.

As far as players whom the Bucks could target, French point guard Nando de Colo certainly looks like he has the tools necessary to make a return to the NBA. Whether the cap situation would work out for the Bucks or not remains to be seen, but he put up 18 points against the US and was named MVP of the Euroleague last year. Ryan Broekhoff of Australia could also be an intriguing option to fill the backup small forward spot; he played summer league two years ago with the Denver Nuggets and his shooting stroke would be a boon to the Bucks bench.

JT: Well, I certainly have to mention former Bucks Miroslav Raduljica (never change, Miroslav) and Andrew Bogut as players who I’ve been impressed with so far in the Olympics. Bogut, specifically, I might be impressed with the most, considering that he’s still getting back to full health after suffering a nasty knee injury in the NBA Finals just a couple of months ago.

As far as non-NBA players go, I’m right there with Adam as both Milos Teodosic and Nando De Colo have really caught my eye throughout the tournament so far. With that said, it’s pretty much out of the question that either one could be heading towards the Bucks’ way this upcoming season considering both are under contract with their club, CSKA Moscow and if that were to change soon, the Bucks would have to make a worthwhile pitch to convince either one to join the team in the future.

AM: Yeah I’d love De Colo to come to Milwaukee, as it seems the Bucks would have when they were reported to be interested in signing him earlier in the summer. Playing for the most successful team in Europe at present, being paid very well and having just signed a new contract over considering multiple NBA offers, unfortunately it seems safe to say that ship has sailed.

Teodosic is a wizard. I’m not sure anyone could watch him play without instantly falling in love.

I’m going to go with someone here who certainly isn’t one of the best players in the tournament, but is easily my favorite. Credit where it’s due, I didn’t see the attraction immediately but after Australia’s very first game Jordan messaged me to say that David Andersen was my kind of player. As the tournament has continued I’ve fallen head over heels for the veteran Boomer big man. Nice shooting touch, a feisty inside presence and a villainous beard. Is there a logical need for him on Milwaukee’s roster? No, but I need more David Andersen in my life.

TW: Due to a combination of the timezone, Australia’s broadcasting schedule and generally being interested in watching other Olympic events, I probably haven’t seen as much basketball as I would have liked, especially from Group B, but I’ve been particularly impressed with Andrew Bogut. In the lead up to Rio, there were serious doubts over his fitness after he injured his knee in game 5 of the NBA Finals. I seriously doubt Bogut has been playing at 100% either, but he’s just been exceptional for the Boomers, especially with his passing game playing such a major role in the Australian offense. Add Patty Mills to that too, his scoring punch always takes a step up and is extremely dependable when he’s playing for the national team.

Other than the Australians, from my fairly limited viewing, Milos Teodosic is always super-fun to watch and the Nugget’s Nikola Jokic had a huge game against Team USA, dominating the paint down the stretch in the fourth quarter after Miroslav Raduljica got himself fouled out. As mentioned, I haven’t watched Croatia, but Dario Saric was incredible in the qualifying tournament against Giannis and Greece, he could be something really special for the Sixers in years to come.

As for potential Bucks, as has been raised, Nando De Colo would be a nice piece to add, but probably unrealistic at this point. As already mentioned, Australia’s Ryan Broekhoff would be one guy I wouldn’t mind the Bucks looking at to provide some small forward depth. If he keeps shooting 47% from deep in EuroLeague, it’s only a matter of time until he gets his NBA chance.

The ever-dependable David Andersen, just doesn’t miss shots. Huge signing for Melbourne United in the Australian NBL.

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