Milwaukee Bucks: Every Olympian In Franchise History

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After impressive play from Matthew Dellavedova in Rio, which other players throughout the years have played for the Milwaukee Bucks and represented their country at an Olympic Games?

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While the debate over whether an Olympic gold medal or an NBA Championship is worth more to a player rages on, the one thing that can’t be disputed is that for all athletes, representing their country at an Olympic Games is a great honor.

It offers a break from the routine of club basketball, as many of the best players from across the world get together to play, not for money but national pride.

Over the years, the Milwaukee Bucks have been lucky enough to have a whole host of players pass through their doors who had already, or would go on to represent their country on one of the biggest stages in sport.

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Some are fondly remembered for legendary, gold medal exploits, or for being a part of all-time great teams, but for others their time as an Olympian flew a little under the radar.

Whether before, after or during their time with the team, whether they were Bucks for a long time or a short time, I decided to run through the history of those who’ve been Olympians and played for the Milwaukee Bucks at any stage throughout their career.

You’ll see plenty of familiar names, along with some who may have been forgotten by time on the list, so what are we waiting for? Let’s get down to it.

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