Milwaukee Bucks: Every Olympian In Franchise History

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Bob Boozer (USA) – 1960 Olympics

Drafted as the first overall pick of the 1959 Draft by the Cincinnati Royals, Bob Boozer postponed the start of his NBA career for a year in order to remain eligible for the 1960 Olympic Games in Rome.

Boozer was a part of a talent-packed group that swept the field in front of them at the Games, also including legends like Walt Bellamy, Jerry West, Jerry Lucas and future Buck and the first overall pick for the Royals in 1960, Oscar Robertson.

Boozer averaged seven points per game in Rome, with his best performance coming in a 15-point showing as the US overcame Yugoslavia by a whopping 62 points overall.

Of course, Boozer didn’t become a Buck until a full decade later in 1970. Boozer played in Milwaukee for just one season before retiring, but what a season to do so. Alongside his long-time teammate Oscar Robertson, Boozer picked up a ring as part of the Championship winning Bucks of 1971.

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