NBA Draft 2017 Prospect Watch: Frank Ntilikina

Mandatory Credit: Jerry Lai-USA TODAY Sports
Mandatory Credit: Jerry Lai-USA TODAY Sports /
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Fit With The Bucks

At this point it now feels like something of a hex to bring this particular comparison back up, but Ntilikina is the kind of prospect the Bucks thought they were getting when they traded for Michael Carter-Williams. While MCW ultimately proved to be much lesser than those hopes, Ntilikina could surpass any reasonable expectations for an athletic and versatile defensive point guard.

It remains to be seen whether Ntilikina’s recent shooting improvements are sustainable. Regardless, in rounding out the point guard rotation the Bucks have moved past the point of just needing a basic 3-and D archetype.

Malcolm Brogdon and Matthew Dellavedova have effectively plugged the gap the Bucks had for solid, low-key, off-ball guards, but an injection of a more dynamic point guard into the mix would certainly be welcomed.

Although he isn’t entirely reliable at creating opportunities for himself just yet, Ntilikina certainly has the ability to create shots out of nothing, or get to the rim in ways that are beyond Milwaukee’s current guard corps.

On a more basic level, Ntilikina loves to get out and run, and is adept at throwing lobs. In other words, fastbreaks with the Frenchman, Giannis Antetokounmpo and Jabari Parker would be a sight to behold.

If Jason Kidd and the Bucks remain dedicated to their current defensive scheme which is heavily predicated on switching and taking risks, Ntilikina’s length and instincts would be a significant asset.

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With most current projections penciling the 18-year-old in to be selected around the top-10 on draft night, if the Bucks really want Ntilikina, they’re likely going to be relying on his stock sliding or finding a way to trade up.